JADU KI JHAPPIYAN – Kuldeep Sheoran

I don’t know how to get started with this topic, but the name “Jadoo- ki- jhappi” might be reminding me and you about Sanjay Dutt’s Iconic role played in the movie in Munna Bhai M-B-B-S, Where the term Jadu ki jhappi was originally originated from.

But that was a role play only, but in real life Jhappi has lot of JAADU in it. Whether you give a humble hug to your friend after a long time or when you get it from your relatives in times of sorrow or from close aids/ friends after achieving a great objective/ goal in your life.

When two heart collides- we can feel that the Jhappi has got healing /consoling power and it parts away giving a lot of satisfaction to both the huggers.

I too got many Jhappi’s throughout my life by many of my friends (A usual trend of greeting in college life), Relatives, known/unknown (usually we don’t cares, as much of these were formality or expected even). 

But my life’s most memorable three Jhappies, infact three “Jadoo- ki- jhappi’s” I had received is because of my government job, that is when when I got joining letter from Nationalised Bank (Central Bank Of India as Astt Manager, PO) in 2011.

Before my final selection I became used to giving exams, dreaming of positive result which has a little hope, getting successive failures one after the other. But once I cleared a single PO exam, I cleared another Six in a row. It looks so simple then. 

Success changes the perception of self and others as well. People came seeking my advice for written and interviews. Me and my family still waiting for the final results that is of PO interview’s. 

In interview, I earlier got failure at my first attempt (later on RTI helped me proving their decision was wrong and got a selection call letter). I used to think and prepare all the time what extra preparation needed to overcome the hurdle to get through pending Bank interview’s.

On Interview date, my Interview was lasted for just three minutes as I was among the last one (on that particular day) among the persons to be selected from. Even the interviewers seem to be in a hurry so no hope, I visualised. 

But when my brother checked the result I asked for (not daring to see myself at first instance, being superstitious). He replied in joy, hugging me and shouting oye… hoye..oe bete …selected. …Unbelievable.. my face depicting. My mother was preparing lunch at that time, lowered the gas and hugged me. 

To my surprise, she began dancing on the song played by my brother just after disclosing the news on computer speakers in huge volume. I was just watching him and her, uncontrollable they seemed to be.

This was my first Jadu Ki Jhappi (Realizing the healing warmth after a long time). 

This is not my final selection, still medical and documentation formalities pending, I announced. When? My mom questioned, Moving the gas stove button to high… date, still not specified yet, I whispered.

I gave a call to my father who congratulated me in joyous voice, good ..very good. I can sense his voice from the depth coming from.

On the penultimate day of my medical and documentation date, my father was planning to go along with me with one of his friend against my wish. 

I am not a girl, needing family members accompanying me ,only girls come along with their parents, excuse I was giving, and no way you were going along with me… supporting my views.

But we are coming and I will not be meeting you, I replied instantly.

I went a day before, asking father , you don’t come pls, I will be informing you once I get the final selection.

No- no, Yes- yes dispute continued for next fifteen minutes, with my voice on top on top. At last, father surrendered to my request.

I rang him in evening from Chandigarh about my final selection (first to inform) and again he joyed, feeling proud of me (which he really does in routine). I will be reaching home late at night around 1:00 a.m. in morning/night I am not aware off, I informed. No issues, come with ease.

During travelling towards home, I began informing and calling one and all my friends about my selection throughout the journey (all near seated person may too give the same information to my callers, listening too many times the same information on phone).

I reached home after 1:00 a.m. in morning (for me) or night (for others). My brother who was there to bring me home as always (I will be in depth of him). My mother started arranging dinner for me. I asked Dad slept? (Usually he never, on my home coming day) expecting Dad on the front door as always. 

Yeah he is sleeping (my mother said in silent voice to disturb father). But he is not. He called me, still lying on the bed and hugged me while laying down….he might have galloped few more drinks other than the normal routine, for the reason of his elder son’s selection and might not be in position to get up and embrace me in his long arms, but still I am happy & that was my life’s second “Jadu- Ki- Jhappi”.

On the very next day, i.e. Sunday I need to visit Rewari, college of engineering for my M-tech practical exam. For the same reason I had deprived one of my close friend from the party on that very special night in Chandigarh of my selection, feeling guilty. Hoping he may have understood the timings, although promise of party due has been extended.

Having sweet box (box of sweet) in hand, I asked the lab assistant to distribute the sweets to all my M-tech friends, starting from the director of our PG College. Mr. Bansal, a very gentle, honest and great but ground to earth personality (scarcely found in our country). We used to call him Advisor Sir, due to the post he holded in Rewari College of Engineering.

He had one and asked for another, very nice sweets. What is the reason, he asked to lab assistant Naresh, which he conveyed to him in joyous tone.

Before writing my practical exam, I went to meet him in his office i.e. Director’s office (which was full of people on normal days, but today is Sunday). I asked to come in, but he was not there. He may be out for fun.

I found him outside and touched his feet seeking his blessings, he offered the blessings moving his hand on my head, repeatedly for 2-3 times in left to right direction and said :  

Main To Samajh Raha Tha Ki Tu Aise Hi Ghar Baitha Hai 

Per Tu To…. 

Sab Aapka Aashirwad Hai Sir Ji

To Mera Beta Kamyab Ho Gaya …

To Fir Mere Bete Ko Pyar Dena Padega .

I was Astonished, how could he, such a great personality… without delay for a second thought, I felt my lungs touching his and a cool wave of gratitude is blowing in-between us.

Remain in touch, wherever you go. 

Sure sir, why not.

 For many days, I thought of what a great gesture it was, from such a acknowledged great personality. Unbelievable, this was my life’s third “Jadu- Ki- Jhappi”.

Sanjay Dutt that was practically correct in saying that Jadu ki jhappi is one of the best things a person can give to another in need of hour, to express true  gratitude toward success and on many other occasions as well.

I am totally agreed to him.

So, Go- on and give love hugs to all of them, who are in desperate need of it.

I had collected mine, you should give a try to collect your love jhappies…. My Best wishes are with you.

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