Kuldeep Sheoran : Poetic, Energetic, Emotional, Innovative, Movie Critic, Enjoy Seeker & Friendly

Kuldeep Sheoran loves to write about the inner voice of a comman man in a language embossed with words of Motivation and Creativeness. His scripts are encrypted with intelligent use of Shayaris a common man may connect to himself.

Citing local examples & touching the heart of common man with stories circulating in the air from the age old experienced person’s voice or from famous write/author quotes asks a person to move on towards his/her Goal, connect him/herself towards their perceived personal Ambition.


On fiction part he scripts the story line in such a gripping and suspenseful manner, a reader can’t detach themselves without the completion of the script.


Although he has been writing for more than ten years but now he has decided to come up with a book named “Moving on is success, Holding on is failure” which not only sparks the reader on a single front but will touch their strings of Heart And Mind at three channels simultaneously i.e Motivation,

Adventure &

Love bites.

In his above Upcoming Book, he has come up with a complete package a reader will relish their reading experience with:

# Twenty Motivational Chapters : Readers will enlighten their inner voice boosting their conscience to move on, get along with their pre-determined motives and wipe out the depression/stress moments from their life.

# Adventurous trip to IMA Dehradun : It will inspire a person to apply the learned principles (above motivational chapters) of life in need of hour.

# Tannu Swings Mannu : A lovable but gripping story with twist ends making it a thrilling experience to read and feel the inner voice of love birds. Timed and perfect Shayaries is an added top up.

What you need, is to give it a try, at least once, To cross the barrier of Hesitation. Humans are built to achieve unexceptionally

- Kuldeep Sheorans | Motivation

“Spend all your Happiness Coupons, before they get expired”.

- Kuldeep Sheorans | Motivation

Set-backs are essential part of our life. Either you will learn to fall on ground like that of a Dry Leaf Or You will master the trick to Emerge out like a Shark from deep under the Sea to catch the pray (perceived target/goals). It’s always our decision – what to opt for: Accept Failure or Move On towards Success

- Kuldeep Sheoran | Love