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Moving on is Success & Holding on is a Failure

About the author


Kuldeep Sheoran : Poetic, Energetic, Emotional, Innovative, Movie Critic, Enjoy Seeker & Friendly

Kuldeep Sheoran loves to write about the inner voice of a comman man in a language embossed with words of Motivation and Creativeness. His scripts are encrypted with intelligent use of Shayaris a common man may connect to himself.

Citing local examples & touching the heart of common man with stories circulating in the air from the age old experienced person’s voice or from famous write/author quotes asks a person to move on towards his/her Goal, connect him/herself towards their perceived personal Ambition.

On fiction part he scripts the story line in such a gripping and suspenseful manner, a reader can’t detach themselves without the completion of the script.


इंसान की फितरत तो देखीये दोस्तों,  हंसते को देखकर , हंसेने लगता है, रोते को देखकर, रूहआ सा हो जाता है, कोई माफी मांगने लगे तो अकड़ में आ जाता है, अरे दोस्तों, माफ करके तो देखिए , वो इंसान सदा के लिए , आपका हो जाता है

Kuldeep Sheoran @ Moving on is Success & Holding on is Failure